Um, okay — sure.

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Apparently, from what was viewed — others were not aware either.
So excuse our ignorance of not knowing that posting was in a comedic section. Good luck with a future.
Interestingly enough though for other readers, b/c I posted that comment which was not mean or vicious or condescending — this particular individual blocked me, which is what I am presuming was done to the other individuals who were naive enough to respond as I did.
Will have to write this up in one of my sites on Leadership, Communication, Diplomacy.




Sorry PV but I cannot do it - I cannot feel sympathy for these folks refusing to get a vaccination. And putting the rest of us at CONTINUAL risk. This entire country should have gone through the same blinking process of getting vaccinated against polio.

Too late now...

I have no idea what these folks who refuse to get vaccinated are thinking. That they are better than everyone else and that THEY know better than everyone else about what is better and right for their body.... Just [don'] know what is goin' on inside the brains of these folks...




Loved the Florida part, especially (with, ahhh, certain individuals being named that can remain there forever until they die of natural causes, as in tonight).

Seriously, good article.

But, minor additions here if you don't mind:

Shirley Chisholm launched her primary campaign in January of ‘72, becoming the first Black person to seek the presidential nomination (the first woman was Margaret Chase Smith, who sought the Republican nomination in 1964).

--- the author of this info did not mention Victoria Woodhull for some reason...??? Definitely did not do enough research...

Basically, there were 3 women prior to Hillary, sorry Hillary.