Alabama — Separation of Church and State — Violation — Invoking “God”

7 min readFeb 25, 2024

Mar 13 — UPDATE at the end

It seems we have a judicial member, a very senior member who seems to have not performed well in law school.

This Alabama Judge (Tom Parker) should be removed (finally) from the bench with his IVF ruling disqualified. Why you ask?

So glad you asked. It is because, as far as many of the rest of us know, there is “supposed” to be an EXPLICITLY clear delineation between adding personal religious beliefs into political and state business, activities and laws.

Passing a law, one with ‘personal’ beliefs in a mythical god is not legal.

· Please read the entire piece before you start screaming that I am a heathen, please… While I am a heathen, I am a good person — that should be that is required to be a good human in a ‘good’ society.

Now, if you do believe in a god or another mythical figure such as Zeus, Mohammed, Shiva — that is up to you and your life forming beliefs. “You” can enjoy whatever religion you choose — you however, cannot just force the rest of us to believe in any of them. For many of us, ‘SCIENCE’ and ‘LOGIC’ is our life force and our continual path into the future.

Since centuries behind us, many humans on Earth have:

1) stopped believing that the world was flat

2) completely denied the existence of dragons in the oceans

3) believed that BOOKS, the printed word (science, math, logic, literature [freely expressed literature]), was a great thing and what we needed to progress — better than a bible full of beliefs

4) believed that equality, not just mouthing the word, that full blown equality for everyone — women, people of different races, from different countries — that is the path forward

Injecting religion into politics and state and law is forcing those who are:

  • Humanist
  • Agnostic
  • Athiest
  • Non-believer — well, you can add more of your own categories to the list here

to kow-tow to something they just do not believe in. That is not the way — such as forcing all non-believers to suck it up and live with the phrase “In god we trust” on American currency and in some court rooms. Laws are supposed to be in place to protect everyone, not just a subset of people on earth to make them feel good because they can say “hey, god is with us” or “god protects us” or “god saves us”. But — for an embryo, an unborn child — a non-breathing pile of tissue — a non-thinking cellular glob where everything it does is autonomic… An embryo is not a lifeform, get it — ‘not a life’ yet.

You, we, all of us — we have to start using commonsense and logic, not just belief. To refer to an embryo and state “All human beings bear the image of God” — where is the logic and science in that statement…? Parker has been referring to law and religion for most of his career (most of us do not know how long since we do not know this individual). Parker is relying on the book of Genesis.

For legal reasoning, who was the author of Genesis — someone that is an expert in law? Can that be authenticated?

Or is the Genesis author that Parker continually refers to, a definitively identified higher being with bona fides that is just out there in the cosmos stating law from his/her own mouth. Sure, people talk about changing water to wine and his prodigy waking up and coming out of a cave but that is all hearsay. And if it did happen, no one can prove that alchemy (changing lead to gold, water to wine, etc.) has ever occurred in the human lifespan.

Here is the kicker, as more people learn science and technology, they tend to believe less in religion and mythical beings. During the first couple of decades of my life, I heard nothing but this statement, “the earth is 6,000 years old.” That completely stopped being the religious mantra being put out into the public hemisphere as more and MORE science discovered older and older life on this rock we call earth. And science is ‘still’ continuing to find older civilizations and lifeforms.

So, are we starting to devolve back into a nation (world) where the religious fancy is going to take hold again and overrule science and logic.

Lastly, where was your god during the:

  • Holocaust,
  • Slavery,
  • World War I, II, Vietnam,
  • the Japanese horrific attack on Nanjing (Nanking),
  • soldiers of America slaughtering Indigenous Natives.

— — where was your god then?

What about when:

  • the Chinese communist party were/are wiping out the Uyghurs culture, incarcerating them, cutting their hair and beards, taking over their physical properties by imminent domain and razing them to the ground and lastly performing a mass indoctrination to force them to stop believing in their own Uyghur ways and follow the Chinese Communist Party brainwash processes
  • on October 7th, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel — to kill and rape and kidnap AND gang rape and THEN kill girls and women and definitely, DEFINITELY do not forget about the babies that were decapitated…. (NOTE: All the Palestinians had to do to stop all this current conflict — give up the Hamas terrorists — the current state of Israeli soldiers in Gaza would have been over months ago).

— — WHERE was your god…?

What about:

  • the Africa Rwandan genocide that took place in Rwanda — where the Hutu performed their massacre of the Tutsi’s…?
  • little incident in Tulsa, OK, on Black Wall Street, where the white mobs massacred/murdered ~300 progressive/successful blacks — destroyed all the black family homes and stores in the process — eh?
  • Females — full rights and equality (work, pay, life)
  • Blacks and Native Americans — full rights and equality — with none of the ‘one drop of colored blood makes one a #$*@*_r ‘ word?

— — where was your god then?

And let’s not forget — where was your god during our most recent pandemic, where MILLIONS of people around the world suffered horrifically or died…?

If there is a god, an almighty, all-powerful entity — do you not believe he/she/it would have stepped up to stop the loss of life…? And please, do not go down that rosy red rabbit hole of “well, he/she/it was weaning out the weak and making it better for the rest of humanity.”

This a full response to Elenka that I thought is better served tacking it at the end here…

I had to respond but the response went longer than I planned but I could not stop, this is too serious of a topic. Here is my remark back to her (and for all others):

Yes, that is what many of us believe in — that first breath…

We just have too many people refusing logic and science. Instead, focusing solely (or primarily) on religion and faith. Which, to me, keeps coming back to so many centuries of:
a) flat earth
b) dragons at the edge of the world
c) Aristotle being chastised for stating the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around
d) being gay is an abomination (I’m not gay or bi-sexual and I see nothing wrong with that — that is up to any and ALL LBTGQ individuals to live life as they wish to enjoy it)
e) religious leaders (pastors, reverends, mega-church talkers) all saying do as their ‘god’ says, while in the meantime, they are in the back room with another woman (or same-sex with a ‘guy’) or stealing money for a mega-yacht or doing drugs…
f) forcing women (certain parts of the world) to wear clothing to cover their entire body (hijab and whatnot) or to ALWAYS have to be escorted by some male member of their family when going out in public.

While all in all, many of these religious believers are not looking at the big picture and the future of humanity — being progressive for all and doing better.
Such as:
* Helping the not well-to-do start doing better.
* Getting rid of racist, sexist discrimination…
* Removing the taint of “my religion is better than your religion” (sunni vs the shias — catholics vs protestants, etc….)

But no, they wish to focus on and follow one of their gods out there.
Like me believing in Zeus and following his lead — but I know that the ‘god’ Zeus does not exist, therefore, I focus on those around me.

So, if this is what folks choose to do in their daily lives, it is up to them to how their life is dictated, not us. However, please, do not allow your belief to get ‘you’ to try to convince the rest of us to believe in a god, any god. Science, for many of us — moved us on to a better, clear eyed path….

Apologies for the long, little soliloquy there, I just get a bit teed off when folks try to bring religion back to the forefront in our daily lives and attempt to jam it down the throats of all the science/logical thinking members living on this now small planet…

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