CONTROL! China CCP = American Conservative GOP

10 min readNov 9, 2023

The thought just hit me and reminded me of a story in the NYT, (China May Ban Clothes That Hurt People’s Feelings. People Are Outraged) back in September. CONTROL! China CCP = American Conservative GOP tinyurl —

Note: USA is not used because we are not a united country, we are a divided country that will continue to be so until more Americans in the conservative grouping wake up and see that we are in the 21st century and no longer in the 20th (or 19th) century… And coming together ‘only’ in times of turmoil and disasters is not how we should be coming together. We should be together — all the time. It only makes us stronger…


Xi JinPing and the Chinese CCP want to control everything and everyone that is Chinese and everywhere near the Chinese borders… Or even those Chinese citizens who are living and working in other countries such as America — listen for and check out information regarding illegal secret Chinese Police Stations located here and there around the globe who’s purported reason for being is to assist those Chinese who need passport assistance…

It reminds me of how the American GOP want to control Americans. Yes, they do. Abortions anyone — does that ring a bell — set off an alarm maybe…?

There are so many American conservatives here in our country, TODAY, that wants EVERYONE to return to a backwards period of time where:

  • Women are secondhand parties, chattel if you will. And yet, there are many women who simply do not seem to see that and still continue to back conservative political parties. It was not that long ago when women started to get on the road to equality and their fair share of everything in life — especially free will. The suffragist platform fought long and hard to get into making the voices of women heard.

* Or, these women want to return to that “simple” life where the men control everything…

  • People of non-white genetic makeup are secondhand as well, where, again, not long ago — folks all over America of a non-white color had no voice, no equality, no power.

* And again, here, we have so many people of color who seem not to notice that they are not wanted as equals to many of these conservatives…

  • If you were gay (imagine being transgender), you would likely be killed because the conservatives in power did not want what they call abnormal. Ask Mike Johnson, new speaker of the house about abnormal individuals…. Here is something, from Johnson for you to read: Speaker Mike Johnson wanted to criminalize sodomy & called gay marriage the “harbinger of chaos

* He also said that gay people should not be a protected class because they “are capable of changing their abnormal lifestyles.”

  • Folks who wear nose rings or die their hair a brilliant green or blue are looked down upon as an affront to the conservative “American looks”.


Oh yeah, I could keep going but everyone in America should already know about these areas and many others.

Right now, we have a national crisis on Abortion where, thanks to Trump packing the Supreme Court with three members who explicitly lied to the Senate / Judiciary on this very topic. These three members, they were the primary reason Roe v Wade was overturned, let there be no doubt about that — of course they had help from Alito and Thomas as well.

Many political conservative GOP members want to put in place; 15-week bans, 6 week bans or complete bans with no exceptions to the woman carrying the fetus nor pay any regard to the age of the woman who was raped by a relative or a criminal — “12-Year-Old Incest Victims Should Birth Dad’s Child, House Speaker Gunn Says” — Mississippi, Jun 29, 2022

  • “Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn says abortion should be illegal even for a 12-year-old rape victim carrying her father or uncle’s child. He made the remark to reporters in the hours after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, allowing state abortion bans to take effect.”


Xi JinPing wants the Chinese citizen to continue looking like the same, every day, conservative with no room for looking different (or better). Xi wants Chinese to appear in public without:

  • nose rings
  • dyed hair jobs
  • pants with holes in the knees
  • flamboyant, flashy trendy clothing that individuals like and want to wear
  • women wearing shaved heads, on the sides (or one side)
  • anyone showing tattoos on TV
  • folks wearing costumes in public, as in Cosplay in America
  • wearing clothing styles from another country (i.e.: Japanese Kimonos)
  • wearing gay pride colors

Xi wants to control the Chinese citizen to where the citizens appear in line with the Chinese CCP, looking alike without deviation of any kind. Everyone in China should be part of a cookie cutter mold with no room for personalization — no afros, no long hair (mainly men), no stylized haircuts. Kind of like getting the Chinese citizens to become more like N. Korean citizens, maybe, hmmm….


Those kinds of things listed above are somewhat like many conservative political members (and ‘many’ conservative American citizens) want all Americans to be like. Not to be out of line with American conservative values — not to be different from the conservative brand.

Conservatives want Americans to believe in “THEIR” God and not believe in anything else, such as:

  • Atheism
  • Islamic beliefs
  • Jewish beliefs (not sure on this one, as there are a lot of Jewish conservatives)
  • Humanist beliefs
  • Etc., etc., etc…..

Now we have conservative GOP members, after being beaten back by the Americans who want control back for women to make their own decisions about their bodies, who are walking back their absolute and complete bans or short 6/15-week abortion bans. Now they are saying, well, we can work on a compromise.

The problem with these conservative GOP members is that, “who can trust them…?” hmmm…. They might very well put in place what folks believe is something good but then yank it away when conservative GOP members regain power again. And I am quite sure that most of you out there, are aware of conservative GOP members at the state and national level, those who voted against anything positive for LBGTQ+ members and voted for restrictive bans — that there were/are members who later, years later, came out of the closet because they were/are gay. You can do a search on that as well…

Then, not to forget — there are the members who had family members or lovers go and do secret abortions so the public would not be aware.

This is the funny, stupid, sad part — there are people who continue to say that Trump was the right president that we needed at the right time and they believed in Trump. The problem is, it is not true about Trump being the right president — he was not. And if they believed in Trump, then those who stated so — they are definitely NOT the ones to follow today.

Trump caused more damage at home and internationally than any other American president in history. Our national and international standing.

Which other American president has ever elbowed aside a Prime Minister (Montenegro) in public at a NATO meeting (May 2017), just so ‘he’ could move up to the front as if ‘he’ were the almighty, ahem, ‘god’ over all others…

Trump caused more debt because he believed in passing a Tax break, which really helped the rich more than the middle- and lower-class Americans. That tax break without a means to offset what it cost the American public — just added another huge chunk of money to the national debt.

Same as what Ronald Reagan did when he was president. Massive tax breaks, added to the national debt…

Trump has just caused so, so many problems that it will take years to recover.

Does white supremacy ring a bell, about how it is surging across America?

No, what about white nationalism being the primary way America should be…? Rise of hate crimes since Trump was president and after leaving office with Election Denialism is just running rampant across the conservative GOP hemisphere — does that ring any bells, alarms in your brain regarding Trump…???

Here, here is another aspect of Trump ‘not’ being effective as an American president — CoViD, how long did it take Trump to get the Defense Production Act up and running…? If he had simply pushed that to the forefront, many, MANY American lives would have been spared instead of being doomed to die, due to lack of American products being produced here in America…

Look at one of the front runners for the 2024 GOP candidates — DeSantis. He wants WOKE to die and go away but it is likely he does not even know what WOKE is for. Here is a quick take for those who do not know what WOKE is all about (there is more content out there but I am quite sure you can look it up, to ensure that you are getting unbiased information).

Individuals like DeSantis do not want anyone around to:

  • be WOKE (first in Florida and then hopefully all across America), or
  • believe in DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) — and we ARE talking about equality here and “not” reverse racism or forced equality or some symbolic stance to put someone of any race, color, gender into a position of authority when they are not qualified — TRUE equality and diversity and inclusion (we are NOT talking about just giving lip service to some ill meaning acronym) or or
  • have any corporation believe in those aspects and have

* no organization who welcomes individuals who believe in these two areas.

DeSantis wants to whitewash history books, to remove black history (you can look that up right…?). Not even be taught in AP classes or in colleges.

DeSantis was even idiotic enough to state that slaves learned valuable lessons while being slaves or indentured servants, or rather — ‘benefited’ from slavery. Who in their right mind would state that…?
It is like many people around the world today, those who are ‘still’ stating that the holocaust did not happen… This kind of non-belief thinking is like saying WW I & WW II did not happen.

So. Are you seeing the similarities of the Chinese CCP and Xi JinPing and the American conservative GOP…? How much more information, from sources that you trust (and are reputable) do you need?

People and parties who want power to gain control of people in their state, in their country are not the ones to follow.

Democracy is the way forward for everyone. Everyone benefits when democracy is the primary avenue of fairness. You have to realize that you cannot get everything you want, all the time. You have to compromise — that is what democracy is about, give and take. EVERYONE grows when there is fairness and everyone has an equal seat at the table.

There is no place in the world for those who want to control, instead of regulations and laws. Having a state-by-state referendum on abortion is the most idiotic and painful way to enact laws. The federal law on abortion, Roe v Wade should have stayed in place but certain supreme court judges deemed otherwise — they wanted the states to make the laws. Now, women, with their husband or wife, have to take time off from work and ‘TRY’ to go to another state for an abortion and/or to save their own lives.

Look at how long it took for women to get the 19th Amendment in place — certified in 1920 but women are STILL NOT earning equal pay.

Look at how long it took for Black Americans to gain voting rights — 1965 and we still had regions of this country where black votes were disregarded and disenfranchised.

Do you want to continually be forced to be a member of a nation where inequality continues to exist because you are a Black American or a Woman or a member of the LBGTQ+….?

In a country where conservative GOP members control what you can or what books you can read?

Yeah, remember, there are numerous book bans across America because so many parents do not want their children to be aware of the painful past of how women and slaves were treated nor be allowed to be aware of gays, lesbians, homosexuals of all age groups and of all races and male or female. Ali Velshi, an MSNBC anchor does a lot of content regarding the Book Bans across America if you truly wish to check that out.

Think about it…

Do you want equality in America or do you want to continue to have pockets across America where:

· racism, hatred, hate crimes, women (girls) to be cast aside and/or forced to carry to term and give birth to an unwanted child due to being raped by their father (that is, if the woman (girl) survived the birth)?

Or do you want to be a part of a country that is strong and proud? Strong and proud because of equality, diversity and inclusion for EVERYONE…???!!!

It is bad enough that we have to fight climate change and make the world better for everyone but as it stands, we are going to lose countries and people where ocean levels continue to rise and air pollution is becoming worse at times…

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