(free speech moment) VERIZON is a PIECE OF SHIT at times

2 min readJan 27, 2024

Yes, time for another bite out of a corporate entity’s ass. This is in regard to a posting of mine that verizon removed from their verizon community website. Which I in turn wrote this up with EXTRA saltiness in the content.

In the removed article, I was downplaying, kicking verizon in their fat ass basically for what they did to customers.

Now, using profanity is off limits on most commercial web sites so as to not offend fellow customers (delicate, religious, etc.) who may easily take offense with profanity due to their personal sensitivity threshold. That is fine, keeping profanity off the corporate web pages is okay in protecting those who are easily offended and hurt when reading something profane. That is okay. What I do instead of salty profanity is use words like COW PIE since saying ‘crap’ or ‘crappy’ is also verboten. Some of us use salty language because we are beyond angry regarding some corporate entity’s actions….!!!

Meat of the matter…. This write up is because of verizon’s action in removing their VERY useful text messaging service from the verizon wireless web page — I called the removal COW PIE a couple of times and something else I do not recall (COW PADDY?)… Or ‘us customers were PISSED OFF’…?? Pissed off is also another No-No I am guessing….

That web based text messaging service for customers’ cell phones/smart phones was a VERY POWERFUL/USEFUL service. There are times when many of us across the country work in high security environments and are NOT allowed to bring cell phones into the building or SOMETIMES MUST ‘TURN OFF’ the phone a mile before reaching the workplace, depending on where “yer workin’ ”…

So, if you need to receive a code via phone, there is not NEARLY enough time to run out to the car before the texted code expires. And even if you can store the phone in a lock box THAT too may ALSO be too far away, beyond the security gates, to access in a timely manner.

Because of security requirements, the verizon web based text messaging service was a VERY HANDY alternative tool for many of us. But, verizon shut it down, basically telling customers to use other useful options. Unfortunately, there are not — which is due to other web based text messaging services being blocked from users accessing them on the company computers….

Bottom line, verizon sucks, pure and simple — not sure why they pulled the plug on that very, VERY useful tool.

Maybe it was a corporate greed factor to improve the corporations’ ROI aspect — customers using such a useful service but not having to pay extra for it. Maybe verizon wanted to hype its annual 10-K statement to the world….

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