Kennedy Assassination — End Conspiracy with AI & Quantum Computing

3 min readNov 26, 2023

So many people across America ‘still’ talk about John F. Kennedy’s assassination and constantly tie conspiracy to it. Talking about the impossibility of one shooter doing the damage that he (Lee Harvey Oswald) did with one bullet.

Okay. Prove the impossibility of one bullet causing the death of our former president and all the residual damage.

Or, prove the that there was indeed more than one shooter…

The way to do this, maybe — use A.I. and Quantum Computing.

Yes, yes, yes, many of us know that A.I. is ‘not yet’ a perfect method to solve this Kennedy conspiracy. But. What about using two or three different A.I. systems…???

This past week, Rob Reiner has stated that he solved the Kennedy assassination conspiracy with a good amount of content. This is discussed via his and Soledad O’Brien’s podcast — “Who Killed JFK?”. Not to forget that Gov. John Connally (R-TX) was wounded while in the presidential limousine. The problem is, a lot of folks are still not going to buy into Reiner’s belief and theory.

This is why I suggested using A.I. above.

Take all of the available data:

  • Angle of bullet contact with each victim
  • Bullet velocity over the estimated distance used
  • Point of impact and exit wounds for each victim
  • Speed of vehicle movement at time of each impact
  • Line of sight for each possible shooter location (to bar trees and other L.o.S. impediments), 5th floor, 6th floor, etc.
  • What specific body parts that were impacted by the round(s) and if those body parts ‘may’ disrupt or deflect the bullet’s path/· trajectory
  • What type of bone in the victims — density, porosity, calcification
  • What type of muscle tissue in the victims — state of muscle — athletic or sedentary…
  • What kind of temperature — hot enough to help expand bullet(s) during its flight path
  • What kind of round(s) — factory made or manually put together — for retaining bullet shape longer
  • Oswald’s complete itinerary of where he was and when as well as all the supposed training that he was supposed to have received — to pinpoint the possibility of being at those specific locations using the various travel means at the time
  • Whatever other prospective individuals who ‘may’ have participated in this assassination and their travel and localities…

Was Oswald even a good enough shooter to hit a moving target at that distance…?

But. Do not use just one A.I. system on one platform, use several A.I. systems with humans actually curating (sanitizing) the data — to ensure the A.I. system in use does not go off the rails into the deep end… you know, the hallucinations that tends to creep in if no one is overseeing the A.I.

And if need be, plug in a Quantum Computer to tally up all the possible permutations of bullet travel and impacts. Quantum Computers are up to 1,225 qubits (quantum bits) now and still increasing. This kind of computer could handle these kinds of computations. Atom Computing is the owner of this specific Quantum Computer, beating out IBM and others, for now.

Use the same data for each system and have non-biased, trained individuals go over the results for each A.I. system’s resulting content. The individuals could be the same for all of the A.I. systems or have specific individuals only look at one system. Then, either way, have a table top discussion of the results.

Something like this would add more weight to Reiner/O’Brien’s “Who Killed JFK?” consensus…. Right…..???

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