Returning to CLASSIC MS Paint…

2 min readMar 22, 2024

NOTE: For CLASSIC PAINT — me, Windows 11

Microsoft Paint Selection Delete, gives Checkered Background

The following is info a user named Trejder posted on another site (a site that I very much dislike using due to their extremely strict usage protocols — such as not being allowed to give props to another user for posting a great response/answer…) — — The image is mine, from the steps I took to install CLASSIC MS Paint.

What worked was to uninstall Paint and replace it with a classic version:

NOTE: for me, I did not uninstall Win11 MS Paint

  1. Uninstalling can be done by simply right-clicking Paint icon in Start Menu and selecting Uninstall from context menu.
  2. Classic Paint can be get from here (<≤== NOTE: I used this software) or here.
  3. Download and install it.
  4. Go to SettingsAppsApps & FeaturesMore settingsApp execution aliases.
  5. Toggle the switch to Off for mspaint.exe and pbrush.exe items:

A thing to consider is pinning Classic Paint‘s icon to Start Menu or taskbar.

The biggest advantage of this change is of course to get ol’ good “remove to background color” feature.

But the nifty addition was to get “Edit with Classic Paint” option in image files’ context menu. Long time considered lost and very happily welcomed back (the Open withPaint dual click feature was driving me crazy, honestly speaking).

extra: Me giving props to the user — my response has not been redacted from that site yet, we’ll see…

My friend THAT IS IT!!!! That works, WORKS VERY WELL… Windows 11 for me.

Followed the instructions on that first link AND IT WORKS!!!