Women AND Men, Unite, Reproductive/Abortion Rights-in EACH State

3 min readDec 15, 2023

Well folks, it appears that since a few of the Supreme Court Justices lied about their stance on Roe v Wade and ended up causing the court to throw away that HARD-FOUGHT battle to have Abortion Rights — UNIVERSALLY, across the country.

· No variation in separate states — all states followed Roe v Wade, whether they liked it or not

And of course, with the court tossing away Roe v Wade so glibly, it caused chaos to ensue with reprehensible and atrocious medical outcomes for many women — with fatalities…

Women, it now seems that you have to unite in each of the 50 states and D.C. to get Abortion Rights on the ballot for your state AND VOTE IT INTO LAW….!!!

Men, ESPECIALLY MEN — YOU MEN, those WITH the RIGHT MINDSET and THINKING CAPABILITY, HAVE TO BE on the side of all women. You MUST help women ensure they have the right to tell doctors, yes, they want the abortion. (We already know that it is tearing up the would-be mother to begin with, to terminate the fetus.) Men, this is the one thing you can truly shine in — making it clear where you stand and who you support.

This is not a politician’s right to tell a woman that she does not matter, nor that what she thinks does not matter to any degree. Or to sit back, smoking a stupidly large stoogie (you know the analogy here) in that good ole boy’s club and make an edict — abortion, no abortion — no matter if the fetus is because of your father, your uncle, a criminal? It don’ matter lady. You don’ matter. What we men say goes…. But of course, there are some women siding with these ‘men’. Moms for Liberty…. You know, the group where one of its leaders (for the life of me, I cannot recall her name nor am I able to figure out google or whatever) is at this time being hypocritical…. Three-ways, which often means — bisexuality, for the two women involved that is.

Abortion is entirely and primarily the woman’s ultimate choice to make. And the would-be father or male (or female) companion SHOULD be there to help and support the decision to end a fetus from going further.

This decision is not for politicians to make. And it is certainly not for some religious zealot or group to make for another woman.

But now, since Roe v Wade is kaput, for the time being — we have variation in separate states about abortions — horrible variations. Women in some states:

· can have abortion

· cannot have an abortion at any time, unless it was incest or rape

· cannot have an abortion at any time, unless it could be a pregnancy that ends the mother’s life or

· cannot have an abortion at any time, for any reason whatsoever

Are we truly forcing women to return to hangers?

To possibly self-inflicted death because they cannot mentally and/or emotionally bear to give birth to a baby that was a result of a rape? By an ignobly, insidious, inconsiderate, irrational father? By the same kind of uncle? By their church pastor — yeah, look it up, that has happened as well — the ‘religious’, holy moly high figures of a church.

Folks, unless the supreme court truly sees the harm they have caused by overturning Roe v Wade and actually do something about it, like RECANT their vote to overturn Roe v Wade — well.


It is up to all of us citizens in every state, district and territory to get Abortion Rights for women on state ballots and VOTE that right BACK INTO LAW.

And yes, I am referring to all of us average Janes and Joes across the country — this is where the power lies. You have the voice and the feet to get to a voting booth to do this.

If Ireland passed a law to allow abortion, guess what — America can do so as well, in each state.

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